January notes

  • January 11: Still no luck accessing the original Seven Kitchens Press site. If no help is forthcoming, it looks like I will have to migrate everything to this site and let the other one die. I don’t want to do that–it’s very frustrating to be locked out of a site that I’ve worked hard on for years, plus I really don’t have the time to rebuild everything on this site. People are checking the old site every week and it’s been essentially dead in the water since December. I need help.
  • January 20: So I’ve decided: I’m going to move back to Cincinnati, my birthplace and home of my mother and siblings, as soon as I can afford it. To that end, I’m seriously downsizing my personal library (new listings here) and will be selling off as much as I can bear of other possessions. I’m going to imagine this winter as a kind of grief tornado that swept, is sweeping, the apartment free of what I don’t absolutely need. More soon.

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